Banjo BBQ


What’s the Banjo BBQ? Its an orgasmic Texan BBQ feast cooked by the band, served by the band, and followed up with a course of Banjo-fuelled bluegrass (also supplied by the band…)

Nick our head chef has had a long history of cooking low-and-slow Texan style smoked meats, born mostly out of homesickness and hunger. Now, we don’t want to blow our own horn here, but he does a mean brisket (and Texan hots links… and beer-can chicken… and pulled pork).

banjo bbq 3

We put on our first event way back in 2013 when we were funding a pozible crowd-funding campaign to get the the US for the first time. It was a low-key, simple affair. We’ll come to your house, bring some amazingly delicous food and play a house concert if you donate to our campaign.

Come January 2016, we did our first public Banjo BBQ in the glorious beer garden of the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick, VIC. Beautiful sunshine, crazy giant Jenga competitions, hard and fast pickin’ and the most succulent slow smokey BBQ-ed meats in town (all accompanied with Nick’s famous special recipe BBQ sauce). It was a hit!

If you’re interested in putting on your own Banjo BBQ or need your wedding catered, send us an emailĀ musteredcourage@gmail.comĀ