Mustered Courage

Recording courage – 14/11/12

Howdy folks,

Well we did it. We spent our hard earned blood, sweat, tears and beers on recording our brand new record. We finally played our last notes and it’s all in the hands of our producer now. I have to say, we are all quite excited about this new project. We spent 3 days at Headgap Studios and 10 days at Aviary Studios in Melbourne recording our sophomore record. There were good times, hard times and too much coffee times. Times where we thought we totally sucked and times where we thought we ruled the world. Jimi Maroudas has done a fantastic job making our acoustic instruments sound fantastic and the rough desk mixes have sounded good already. Mixing has begun and we can’t wait to hear the first round of mixes. We had some amazing friends come and record with us such as Pete Fidler (Dobro), Kat Mear (Fiddle), Yen Nguyen (bass vocals), George Jackson (Fiddle) and Christi Hodgkins – from Perch Creek (Harmonica). Everyone played some fantastic stuff that we get to take credit for on our record. Thanks y’all. Cheque’s in the mail..

We had an amazing pickin’ fest at DORRIGO FOLK FEST, MALDON FOLK FEST and looking forward to HARRIET VILLE FEST on Nov 16-18. Jamgrass was amazeballs and it’s a shame we didn’t get back on night 2 due recording backing vocals til 3am! We’ve got plenty of gigs coming up so be sure to check out the gig page of the site. We are looking forward to spending the new years at the amazing WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL and have already secured a busy schedule at the upcoming TAMWORTH Country mMusic Festival. 2013’s gonna be a big year. If anyone wants a bluegrass band for their work or private Xmas party drop us an email! See you soon. Jules & Muzzy Cuz