Mustered Courage

4000k’s in 5 days – 9/10/2012

Howdy folks. We’ve been busy for the last month driving around the country. We took the new ‘Mustered Carriage’ up to QLD and back in five days where we performed at the Gold Coast Acoustic Music Festival. We munched on raw carrots and healthy snacks along the way being inspired by Nicks diet. Julian found a Goanna and Paddy got bombed by a bat and became ‘Guanophobic’. It was Julian’s birthday on the Sunday but he still couldn’t convince the band to have a trashy night on the surfers strip so we kicked back poolside at our hotel and had some quiet beers and bluegrass. We played an awesome little organic cafe joint on the Gold Coast on Sunday night called ‘Mandala’ who make the most amazing vegan pizza ever.. that’s right, vegan pizza. It was good. We got some good pre production done in the Mustered Carriage and finished off some arrangements for the new album which we have started recording. We finished tracking beds last week and this weekend we are into the fun overdub city of vocals and other bits and bobs. Our producer Jimi Maroudas has been a pleasure to work with and is pulling some great tones. Special thanks to everyone who lent us gear for the tracking.. Oli Dear who lent his amazing left handed DUFF Mandolin and Pete Fidler for lending his Degruchy guitar. Jamgrass Fest is shaping up to be huge. We are on the FRIDAY 19th night so make sure you have tickets. Both night are set to be amazing. All out upcoming gigs are on the gig page so be sure to check it out to stay in the loop. We;ve got some big festival announcements to make soon. Over and out. Jules & Muzzy Cousins.